Forensic Escrow Services
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Consulting Services

Escrow Expert and Consulting Services

Over 40 years of experience in the escrow industry can provide services in the areas of:

Auditing of Escrow Files: Escrow files audited with reporting on regulatory compliance, conformity with industry standard  and tracking money.  Working as a partner to meet the auditing needs of a title and/or escrow company.  Audit reporting can be conducted on site, off site, randomly or by appointment.  Audits may be scaled for use in a company wide bases, a particular office location, or practitioner.  

Multiple Transactions:  Study of multiple files with comments or a summary formatted in a consistent manner for easy comparison.

Preparing Questions:  Suggest questions to ask during trial or deposition.

Observation at Trial or Deposition:  Provide consultation services at trial or deposition.

Training Courses: Training Courses are available and can be customized to meet the needs of an individual or large group.  Classes are available for less than one hour to several hours depending on the topic and needs of the client.  Some classes may qualify for CEA continuing education units.

Responses to Interrogatories:
nalysis, balancing and re-balancing escrow transactions for purposes of preparing responses to interrogatories. 

Litigation  Support  and Claims Resolution:  Specialized knowledge provides an evaluation of the challenges and issues of an escrow transaction.  Analysis of the transaction can reduce the expense  of time, and money with suggestions for weighing the merits of a claim.

Escrow Instructions:  After the buyer and seller have signed a purchase agreement expressing their intent and understanding of the transaction, what steps are necessary to enable the Escrow Holder to draw the escrow instructions containing an estimated statement and the General Provisions.  

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