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Escrow Expert Witness and Consulting Services

Anita Rubeck, or Forensic Escrow Services may not be designated formally or informally as an expert or consultant until Anita Rubeck, has received an advance fee.

Anita Rubeck, CSEO, CEI
Forensic Escrow Services

phone (510) 709-5318

Over 40 years experience in the escrow industry.  Range of specialties focus on analysis of files for application of industry standards, forms, practices and balancing of escrow transactions.

Professional Experience

  • Advisory to Escrow Holders and Compliance Officers concerning issues arising from escrow transactions
  • Auditing escrow files for processing and clearing of escrow claims
  • Investigated and reported employee embezzlement to law enforcement agencies
  • Deposed as person most knowledgeable on escrow matters
  • Managed the California Escheat and Post Closing Departments
  • Created company program for statewide auditing of escrow files
  • Worked with the title underwriter seeking approval on extra risk transactions
  • Implemented and delivered to title and escrow personnel, escrow operations managers, company policies and practices
  • Responded to California Department of Insurance inquiries concerning consumer complaints
  • Filed escrow rates with the California Department of Insurance
  • Edited and/or drafted company documents including general provisions
  • Conducted real estate related transactions from beginning to close.  Types of transactions included tracts, reverse exchanges,phase I and II exchanges, refinances, short sales, construction loans, equity lines of credit, assumptions, 'subject to', seller-carry-back, AITD, additional advances, note sales, vacant land Deeds of Trust secured by multiple property, all cash, and commercial property

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Editorial Services

California Real Estate Escrow Instructor Study Guide for Real Estate Education Center California Community Colleges, quiz and power point presentation, 2016

California Community Colleges Introduction to Real Estate Escrow & Title Chapter 1, power point presentation, 2016

PD Workbook/Study Guide for the California Escrow Association Professional Designation testing, 2017

Escrow Book I for the California Escrow Association, 2012 and 2018

Escrow Book II for the California Escrow Association, 2012 

Fee Schedule and References upon request


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