Forensic Escrow Services
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Escrow Consulting and Expert Witness

Have you ever wanted to know what happened in an escrow transaction?

 Over 40 years of experience in the escrow industry provides a road map through an escrow: 
  • Lender Instructions
  • Escrow Instructions-estimated statement-general provisions
  • Title Instructions
  • Closing statemement, HUD and TRID
  • Disbursement Records
  • Fee Schedules/Tickets
  • Payoff Instructions
  • Third Party Instructions
  • Cancellation Instructions
  • Rate Filing
  • Drawing Documents
          The development of a claim can sway heavily in one direction or  
           another based on the understanding of:

  • Industry standard practice
  • Local customs and practices
  • Auditing and balancing of an escrow file
  • Industry terminology, slang and abbreviations
  • The difference between a purchase agreement and escrow instructions
  • The life of an escrow and how it changes during an escrow 
  • Who are third party servicers and what are servicing agreements
  • Who are the principals to an escrow
  • How different types of money can and can not be accepted into an escrow
  • The purpose of the escrow instructions drawn by the Escrow Holder
  • When escrow instructions are drawn by the escrow holder
  • What escrow instructions tell the escrow holder to do 
  • What role the real estate agent/broker plays in an escrow
  • What role the loan agent plays in an escrow
  • What role the Notary Public plays in an escrow

Fee Schedule and references provided Upon Request

Forensic Escrow Services
Anita Rubeck, CSEO, CEI

(510) 709-5318

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